Friday, January 9, 2009

Inprocessing (week 1)

Friday! And the end of three days of in-process briefs and administrative check in. To this post-er, it seemed much more streamlined than BOLC II at Ft Sill, OK. even though we need to do one last thing on Saturday morning. Let me state a few of the more poignant events that occurred that the classmates can put their Sustains or Improves to;

Day 1; Company briefs and introductions at the Company classroom/storage cage.

Day 2; Lincoln Hall briefings with representatives from bldg 470 (support services) - lots of paper trading hands. Component break outs for ease of verbiage for active vs. guard officers. CG's mixer at the end of the day.

Day 3; ID cards/DEERS; CIF; Textbooks; ASAP; Mentor brief; Blackboard/computer classroom time.

This, at the moment, will be the format - maybe with a little more narrative on some events later - that this blog will be in. Classmates (and readers) can post comments to these event posts as often as they wish. Feel free to contact me through the pathways and I will do my best to reply promptly.

Welcome and introductions...

You made it! Great! Welcome to class 2-09's Engineer Basic Officer Leader Course blog.

If you are a student in 2-09 then be sure to post your comments or add your posts when feel led as the course drives on. Classmates; when you comment, please begin your post with either "Sustain" or "Improve" so it can be categorized easily.

Visitors here need to understand that the comments you read are candid thoughts and possible rants of fellow junior officers of the US Army during a vital training course prior to our assignments as leaders in the field. This is truly our common room where opinions are unbiased and fairly unadulterated. Please read at your own risk and 'don't hate' because we serve you and everyone finds things wrong with work now and again anyway - why would it be any different in the military?

Please enjoy or comment on any post you see or ask questions of us along the way. A positive side effect to this blog could be that we affect change in the way future leaders are trained and this can be used as a stage for lessons learned. Conversely, it could just be looked at as a whiner's room and is in bad need of some fresh Tillamook Cheese to go with all the whining. time will tell.